The Team

These are the workhorses who make Ball Advertising possible. Our staff may be small, but we punch well above our weight.

KenKen Ball

Partner, CEO

Ken keeps the clients happy and is always on the lookout for new companies that fit our agency’s portfolio, except during hunting season, when he’s out of the office most of the time.

PeggyPeg Ball

Partner, CFO

Peg manages the purse stings to keep the bills paid and the lights on. She also keeps Ken reigned in and on task.

MichelleMichelle Larsen

PR + Media Director

Michelle improves the reputations of our clients through public relations and community brand building. She’s also the negotiating powerhouse that keeps our media rates competitive.

NateNate Abel

Graphic Designer

Nate (a.k.a. The Professor) works with clients to produce awesome creative. In addition to his duties as a graphic designer, Nate also serves as the agency’s Brewmaster and Art Teacher.