When Chevron decided to convert an old Evansville refinery site into an electricity generating wind farm, they ruffled some community feathers. Property owners, municipalities, economic development, tourism, and the general public were all involved in making key decisions regarding the future of the project.

Ball Advertising Group was enlisted to create a complete public relations and stakeholder engagement plan to shore up the support they had, and gain support where possible. Through community meetings, door-to-door campaigning, direct mail, television, radio, and print, we hit hard and fast to prepare for the permitting and building process.

We crafted a unique brand identity specifically for the campaign, which tied seamlessly into the Chevron brand. This brand identity was executed consistently across all media, leading to a cohesive, unified campaign.

The campaign was a success. Support for the project increased three-fold, and the wind farm was successfully permitted and built.


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