Chevron When Chevron decided to convert an old Evansville refinery site into an electricity generating wind farm, they ruffled some community feathers. Property owners, municipalities, economic development, tourism, and the general public were all involved in making key decisions regarding the future of the project. Ball Advertising Group was enlisted to create a complete public… Filed Under:

Shell Oil

Shell Oil – Mahogany Research Project Shell Oil was launching a new oil shale project on the Western Slope of Colorado and needed to create a positive public perception through an extensive marketing and public relations campaign. They turned to Ball Advertising Group because of our proven track record in Wyoming, and our unique understanding… Filed Under:

Mountain View Regional Hospital

Mountain View Regional Hospital As contractors were busy building Casper’s newest hospital, we were busy building the brand and creating a positive public image. We started with the logo and brand development, including design guidelines, which ensured that all business materials were cohesive with the same colors, style and font.The hospital had received some negative… Filed Under:


Casper Area Economic Development Alliance It’s a fact of business, brands get old and tired. Ball Advertising Group worked with CAEDA throughout their strategic planning process to help them create a more relevant and useful community organization. Part of that goal was achieved through a new brand identity and a new website.Simple, transparent and updated… Filed Under:

307 First

307 First Launching a new initiative presents a variety of challenges for any organization. 307 First enlisted Ball Advertising Group for public relations, stakeholder engagement, lobbying, and traditional media efforts to create awareness for their campaign and communicate their vision and mission. Through our efforts, 307 First ran a cohesive campaign that pulled together resources… Filed Under:

Wyoming Mining Association

Wyoming Mining Association Launched in 2013, the new Wyoming Mining Association website is a major departure from the previous site, which was close to 15 years old. Built on modern technology, the site uses standards-compliant HTML5, CSS, PHP, and jQuery to add animation and interactivity across all devices including iPhone and iPad. Using responsive design,… Filed Under: